Efia Odo Speaks After Being Granted Bail (Video)

In our earlier article, there was a report on the arrest of Efia Odo and other conveyers of the #fixthecountry. The news and video was circulating online with theĀ arrest by personnel in the police service.

The female celebrity who was freed after few minutes stay has disclosed she has been granted bail.

Speaking to the media at the police premises, she disclosed she has finally being given bail. But as to the reason behind her arrest together with other members, she has no idea.

Despite all that happened, she again was more gingered to carry on with the fix the country campaign.

Moreover, a good news has come in from Accra High Court regarding the injunction on the demonstration. Ghana Police Service tried to seek judgement from the court to prevent mass gathering of people on the street demonstrating.

The court has ruled in favour of #fixthecountry campaigners allowing them to go ahead and demonstrate. But should follow the laid down processes. From this indications, we can say the conveyors have won the case and will come out with a date to demonstrate.

They should also follow the protocols in their dealings.

After granting her the bail, she said a few words to the media. Watch video of moment Efia Odo was bailed:


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