English Singer, Ed Sheeran Chooses Ghana Jollof Over Nigerian Jollof Right Infront Of Yemi Alade

It seems the debate on who has the best Jollof between Ghana and Nigerian has now crossed the borders of Africa into the Western world.

English Singer, Edward Christopher Sheeran known by many as Ed Sheeran has also added his voice on such debate. His decision went in favour of Ghana because he knows how delicious Ghana Jollof is.

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However, Nigerian singer, Yemi Alade who wanted to convince the Grammy award winner after realizing she didn’t succeed suggested, it is because he hasn’t tasted Nigerian Jollof that was why he chose Ghana Jollof over Nigerian Jollof.

Also, she informed Ghanaians not to think they are the winners since he has to taste Nigerian jollof too. With that he might change the decision he made.

Both met up at London for the “Earth Shot Prize” Awards 2021 where the English singer passed on his verdict.


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