Even If You See It, You Can’t Touch It And It Smells Nice Too- Tontoh Says Following Her Unsual Somersault

Nollywood actress Tontoh Dikeh shared a video of herself with some little children including her son having a playful moment together.

In the video, the actress was spotted somersaulting in the air with her own intention of having fun with the kids but she landed in hot waters after social media users had a glance at what triggered brouhaha.

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The actress has reacted to complains of netizens who claimed she revealed a sensitive part of her body while somersaulting

In a reaction to the backlash and complains, she stated that even if they see, they can’t touch it.

She wrote; if you like Zoom Zoom Zoooo THE ONE THING YOU WILL SEE IS A VERY CLEAN🐈, it smells nice tooo but such a shame y’all can’t smell it 😫🤣😩🤣😩

Even if you see it self you can’t TOUNCH IT, no be juju be THATTTTTT🤣🕴🕺😩🥂😁😁😂🤣😅🤣


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