Fella Makafui Wows Fans With New Photos

Fella Makafui Wows Fans With New Photos

How did you get to know Fella Makafui?

How did you get to know Fella Makafui?

For us at Edemtrendsgh, we noticed her in the Yolo TV series, and we are sure that is what projected her to the limelight.

Precious Fella Makafui is a Ghanaian actress and an entrepreneur. She was born on the 19th of August 1995, which implies she is very young.

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She attended Kpando Senior High School, graduated, and furthered her education by moving to the University of Ghana. It is said that she started her career as a model before diverting into acting. Her hard work led her to attain the Most Promising Actress of the Year at the City People Entertainment Awards in 2016.

Aside from being an actress and an entrepreneur, she has also cemented her feet in the Ghana Music Industry. It is not surprising that Fella is married to one of the best Ghanaian rappers at the moment, AMG Medikal and she has been learning from her day in and day out.

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They have had some songs together. An example is their popular song, “Omo Ada”. Makafui and AMG Medikal have a lovely daughter known as Island Frimpong, and their blessings keep on increasing each and every day. She is now married and can be addressed as Mrs. Precious Frimpong.

Fella Makafui seems to be doing well on social media, and her fans cannot stop falling in love with her.

The secret ingredient is her humility and how she doesn’t involve herself in matters not concerning her. She hardly moves to a person even when the person offends her and this is very positive.

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Once in a blue moon, Fella drops a picture on her social media platforms, and currently, she released some nice pictures that we think that showing you will be very cool. Her fans just can’t stop talking about these pictures, and the likes as well as comments she is getting are massive.

Looking at her pictures, you wouldn’t believe she is a mother if I told you. Her tummy is still flat, and she has maintained her shape just like how it was before giving birth.

Take a look at them

Fella Makafui

Fella MakafuiFella MakafuiFella Makafui Warm Hearts With Her New Photos


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