Female SHS students takes $mOkïNg To Another Level

SHS is fun sometimes aside spending most times learning. There are certain acts carried out by students and this gets one astonished. In some form, it encourages indiscipline in our schools.

Because of this, Schools have their laid down rules and regulations to curb such negative attitudes put up by students.

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In Shs especially, students are given the school’s rules after gaining admission into the school. This comes along with punishments when one breaks any rule from the given list.

A video has gone vigorous with some young female SHS Students taking $mOkïNg to another level. This has astonished the masses as you can see five female students in a room passing what we call $hîsha to one another.

Since these students were in uniform and doing this. It has raised concerns from Netizens on social media.

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But the good news is that these female students have been suspended for putting up such an act. You can watch the video of their previous act by clicking on the link below.




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