#Fixthecountry:Video Drops As Fix The Country Converners Storms The Street To Demonstrate

Today happens to be a public holiday and also the day for the fixthecountry demonstration. With this we can say is undoubtfully an easy means Converners and people can come out in their numbers. People will be able to pour out their plea to the government through placards.

The go ahead granted by court to demonstrate on 4th August is finally here. Citizens of Ghana including different party supporters have been spotted on the streets of Accra. Most dressed in black and red outfits to symbolize their seriousness.

Their intentions are not only based on the bands around their head nor the red and black outfits. But in their hands are placards containing information to the government of the country.

On the placards gathered by some youths have words on health care, educational system, good roads, good drinking water and more. This means a lot to them so measures must be seriously taken to solve such problems.


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