Floyd Mayweather Refuses To Take A Photo With A Male Fan Because He Had Painted Nails

In this world, it is known that every individual person is allowed to have his or her own opinions. He or she is not obligated to do anything they don’t want as far as it’s not against the law.

This is in relation to former American boxer, Floyd Mayweather Junior did to a fan when he wanted to have a “selfie” with him.

During the weekend, Clippers had a game and the boxer was present to observe the match. After the game came to an end when Floyd was leaving with his crew, a fan approached them to get a selfie but unluckily for the fan, it wasn’t granted.

Mayweather refused to grant the wish of the teenage boy because he noticed his finger nails were painted. The boxer was making a comment while the disappointed fan kept videoing.

The teenage boy who couldn’t believe his eyes because Mayweather rejected him as a result of his painted nails also describe the boxer as being hemophobic.

Watch the video below.


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