Ghana Should Be Worried China Has Started Producing And Exporting Cocoa-John Dumelo

The Ghanaian actor cum politician has added his voice following the notice of the Chinese Academy of Tropical Agricultural Science(ATAS). They recently gave a news concerning South China’s island province of Hainan cocoa exportation to Belgium for the first time. Africa is the leading producer of cocoa and exporter in the world. So the actor has urge Ghanaians to stay vigilant.

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Ever since the news of China producing and exporting cocoa broke out in Ghana,it has raised lot of consent. The Ghana COCOBOD is urging Ghanaians to stay calm on the matter. Although they also feel worried, they have inform Ghanaians not to panic considering the fact that, the cocoa exported by Chinese is quite small and less than 1 ton.

However, John Dumelo has cautioned Ghanaians to feel bothered over China’s cocoa production and exportation to Belgium. His reason for this is that, Ghana being the second largest cocoa exporter in the world after La Cote d’ Ivoire. At a point in time or years to come, we will have to face a competition with China. Many Ghanaians have also considered China’s entry into the cocoa export space to be a threat.

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See the post he made below.


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