Ghanaian Hollywood Star Abraham Attah Hangs Out With Despite’s Son Saahene After Arriving In Ghana [Photo& Video]

The Ghanaian teenager started his career in Hollywood in 2018. His interview on ATUU hosted by Abeiku Santana made his presence known to all Ghanaians.

The Hollywood Star has once again visited his homeland and country. Although his intentions in Ghana is not really known, he has already been sighted having fun with Dr. Osei Kwame Despite’s Son Saahene.

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Saahene welcomed his alley nicely in his father’s plush mansion and also make him enjoy his holidays. The teenagers could be seen together leaning on a furniture taking a shoot in the luxurious mansion.

Not only did you they take pictures but had a party with a few pretty girls. Video of their merry making has pop up receiving attention from users on social media .


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