Ghanaian Man Spotted Cooking On Top Of A Moving Taxi (Video)

We keep observing and hearing news which leave us wondering how such things happen. And it seems there is no way these surprising news are going to end any moment from now. Another mind blowing news concerning a man has been captured in the news in Ghana.

To be frank, an act like this has never been seen in Ghana before. Now to the main news. A man whose identity not really known was spotted in town comfortably seated on top of a taxi busily stirring a food he was cooking.

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What makes the act unthinkable was that, the taxi was moving while he was also concentrated with his cooking without fear.

One of the passers whose attention was drawn to the scene kept asking in “twi” whether the man was ok.

He was surprised with the activity of the man on the taxi. From his questioning you could tell he was amazed to see a thing like this.

Watch the video below;


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