Ghanaian Millionaire, Ibrah One Allegedly Runs M@d On The Street Of Niger (Video)

Young Ghanaian millionaire, Ibrah one known for showing off his mansions and flashy cars according to reports and a video has run m@d.

The video making rounds and receiving attention on social media captured the moment where he was seen out of his car walking up and down on the steeet of Niger wearing a singlet with a trouser.

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The video ever since it got it way onto the internet has divided social media users into two categories as some stated he isn’t the one while others states he is clearly the one looking at how the person was walking.

Since Ibrah himself hasn’t come out to talk, majority of Ghanaians on the internet have believe it to be true because they know him to be an active internet user and would have come all the way to save himself longtime had it been false.

Click and watch the video


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