Gifty Adorye Enstooled Chief By Igbo Community In Ghana

Gifty Adorye

Ghanaians Gospel musician Gifty Adorye also known as Empress Gifty has been enstooled as a Chief by the Igbo community in Ghana.

This event took place during the celebration of their New Yam Festival and the tenth anniversary of the Igbo throne in Ghana. The occasion saw a lot of displays and the installation of Empress Gifty as Chief of their Igbo community.

A lot of entertainers and colleagues came through to support the Ghanaian gospel musician as she was crown Chief at the Efia Sutherland Children Park in Accra.

The title conferred on the Gospel musician was Chief Ugo Nma by the Nigerian King of the Igbo Community in Ghana.

According to the Igbo community, the name conferred on her stands for ambition, independence, power, stamina, dependability, resolve, and professionalism.

She was dressed in her Chief attire as its usual done and after her coronation, Empress Gifty reaffirmed her devotion to the Igbo community in Ghana and outside.


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