GIS Screening: Thousands Disqualified Due To Body Alterations

The screening process (documentation and body selection)  for applicants  into the Ghana Immigration Service is on-going the capital regions in Ghana. Over 5,000 of Ghanaian youth have gathered at their various centers to undergo the screening exercise. In Greater Accra and Ashanti region per say, El-Wak Sports Stadium and Kumasi are the venues for the screening exercise respectively.

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However, several videos have pop up online showing long queues at the various screening centers. But it seems things have started moving fast due to the fact that many applicants failed to meet the general eligibility requirements for onward selection to the next stage.

We have seen it certain videos that some have shed tears because they were disqualified during the body selection.

The next phase of this exercise is the  aptitude test which will be taking place on Saturday, 30th October, 2021. Many Ghanaian youths were trying their possible best to for this stage, but unfortunately their dream have been shattered as they have failed to meet the requirements.

The Immigration officers indicated that body alterations would fail many applicants.They include tattoo, double piercing,  stretch marks, and scars.

Speaking with JoyNews, Fiifi Ocran, Chief Superintendent in charge of intelligence noted that some applicants wanted the online system to pick them, so they inputted the wrong heights. He said, “Because you wanted the system to pick you, you enter a height that the system can qualify you. So, that’s why we are here to do the physical checking.”

Aside to the height, Chief Superintendent indicated that female applicants with more than one piercing were disqualified. Again, male applicants with one or more piercings were also be disqualified.

In addition, applicants with tattoos, excessive stretch marks and surgical scars were also dismissed. Meanwhile, in terms of height, the accepted criteria are one metre seventy-three centimeters (1 m 73 cm) for males and one metre, sixty-three centimeters (1 m 63 cm) for females.

Explaining why huge numbers did not make it to the next stage, Mr. Ocran said, “You know, uniform has our own language and there are basic standards that we set.”

According to him, once applicants get disqualified, the system closes your page automatically and there is no way you can come back to the entrant level again.

In all, the Ghana Immigration Service is recruiting two thousand (2k) qualified applicants nationwide for this year’s recruitment exercise. The aptitude test is scheduled to take place on Saturday, 30th October 2021 for selected applicants who passed through the screening exercise.


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