Good News From Ghana Police Service To All Disqualified Applicants

The Ghana Police Service is still recruiting personnel into the service as they are currently at the examination stage. Qualified applicants who successfully when through the screening and documentation stage are to print their chit online for their exams on Sunday, 14th November, 2021.

The examination chit contains the center, date and time to take your exams. Also, things to go along with is included. Not all applicants who are able to access or print out their chit because they have been disqualified.

However, there is a good news for all disqualified applicants on what to also do next. From the Police Administration to disqualified applicants;

1. The Police Administration wishes to inform all disqualified applicants in the body selection and documentation screening exercise that messages have been sent to them.

2. They can log in to their online portals on Monday 15, 2021, to know the reasons for their disqualification.

3. We wish all disqualified applicants good luck next time.

All disqualified applicants should try and take this serious and know where they had faults and work on it.

This is to enable all disqualified applicants make changes to areas they were faulty.


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