Grandpa Begs To Come L!cK and Give Me D0gg!-Ruth of Date Rush Fires

Nurse Ruth has reacted smartly after she hilariously fell offstage on Sunday’s show. This past Sunday’s episode of the trending date rush show. It was a reunion hence many thought it wouldn’t be as fun and with alot of drama like other episodes.

However, we were so wrong as the show was full of drama from the 15gh saga and the mighty fall of the ever beautiful Ruth.

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TV3 Ghana is proving to be indeed the nest in entertainment and with this trending date rush show, they have managed to win the hearts of many. The main idea behind the show is for participants to find love because they believe everyone deserves love. However unfortunately for some, it appears love wasn’t meant for them.

The beautiful young nurse Ruth is one of such people. She has failed to find love on the show but according to her revelations on the show last Sunday, she claimed other guys who had dates were hitting on her. Ruth had evidence to back her claim and showed it to Giovanni the aftermath of that is the mighty fall.

She has however reacted nicely after the trolls received by posting a song by the legendary Nana Acheampong that translates her current situation and exactly what she has to say to her haters.

The lyrics of the song roughly means ” who God has blessed is blessed indeed and hence no enemy can destroy me. The devil would love to see me dead or destroyed but they are not God. If you don’t love me someone else loves me”.

Ruth in the video, has come up to explain herself in a live video and dropping more secrets. She made it known that some of the Date Rush guys are hitting her DM with love proposals. Although these guys have dates, they still chat her.

One name in particular was Grandpa, who she mentioned has been texting her on WhatsApp to come L!cK her. Also, to give her d0ggy, which is very disguising to her.

Watch full video here;


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