Heartbreaking: Two SHS Female Students Practicing L€$B0B0 (Video)

The world is really changing as our young ones are doing the unthinkable. Who are to be blamed for such indiscipline; teachers or parents? It has become very popular as students are demonstrations indiscipline acts. These have become rampant in our most highly esteem senior secondary schools.

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These young female student have shock the the nation with their video recordings. This video has also has gone very viral and it’s heart breaking.

However, these students or have been grant much opportunities and freedom but they tend to abuse it. Also, it has become very clear that in the greater part of our senior secondary schools, there is much indiscipline.

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In any case, presently perhaps as a result of the opportunities given to these students, they are at the freedom to do most things they like and go scout free without been punished. And it is heart breaking and very sad for the eventual fate of these students and the fate of the country on the loose.

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In a video quick moving on the web, two female students of an unknown senior secondary school can be seen doing entire parcel of despicable acts.

Click here and watch the video


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