Herbalist Teaches How One Can Use Onion To Settle Down With Lover Permanently (Video)

It is obvious that many of us have no knowledge on certain items around us and it’s benefits.

We all are aware onion is used in cooking but its awareness in helping to settle down with a partner is what is not recognized by many. An unknown herbalist in a video has revealed how one can use onion to make a partner get attracted to him or herself permanently.

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In the video making rounds on the internet, the herbalist firstly indicated that the onion must be cut into an all round shape he showcased in the video.

From there, the name of the partner is written in the opened onion then a needle together with a rope is used to sew the opened gap created in the onion while continuously mentioning the name of the partner.

After closing the gap, the onion can be buried in the ground or kept in a wardrobe. Also, he cautioned saying one must make sure he or she loves the partner to which the tutorials will be done to.


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