Hilarious: MzVee Sacks Mum From Her Studio After Failing To Give A Rap Verse

Ghanaian songstress MzVee together with her mother have made Ghanaians laugh out loud with their video. Photos of the female Ghanaian singer’s mother is rarely seen on the internet.

But finally a video has pop up online with both mother and daughter in it. In the video, both were in a room believed to a studio.

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MzVee’s mother who wanted her daughter to recognize her singing talent, did a gospel song backed by MzVee.

At a point in time, the “natural girl” hitmaker asked mum to switch from gospel song to rap. But mum still continued with the gospel since she was enjoying it and MzVee after realizing her mum has no punchlines to give with laughter told her mum to move aside.

Watch video below to release stress.


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