How To Become A Citizen of Ghana

How to become a citizen of Ghana


Becoming a Citizen in Ghana is in relation to the law and is governed by the Citizenship Act, 2000. The law states 3 main aspects of nationality. However, a person can become a citizen by Birth, through marriage and by naturalization.

Apart from these 3 main aspects, a person can also become a citizen in Ghana through foundling and adoption. Everyone has the chance of becoming a citizen in Ghana but prove you qualify.

How to become a citizen of Ghana

What is foundling citizenship? “an infant that has been abandoned by its parents and is discovered and cared for by others”. Thus by someone in Ghana.

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Citizenship in Ghana by Birth

According to Ghanaian law, citizenship by Birth is set on the date and year the person was born. For instance, if you were born in Ghana before 6th March, 1957. Also, if any of the parents were born in Ghana or is a Ghanaian citizen. In the same way, if any your grandparents was born in Ghana or is a Ghanaian citizen.


Citizenship by Registration or Marriage

At a point where a person is a citizen of any country, he or she can become a citizen of Ghana through application and application. Most importantly, you must be of good character, reside in Ghana for at least 5 years before applying. One can also have a short stay here under special circumstances and still apply. Also, you must be able to speak any native Ghanaian language.

On the other hand, when when a foreigner marries a Ghanaian citizen by law, a person can apply and register to become a citizen of Ghana. At a point where there is a divorce, the person still holds unto the citizenship unless been renounced. One registers through oath of allegiance and it takes effective from the date on the certificate of registration.


Nationality through Naturalization

A person is regarded as a citizen of Ghana when he or she neutralize. The person applies to the Minister and get approved by the President of Ghana. He or she becomes a citizen at the moment the certificate of neutralization is issued and storming of oath of allegiance takes place.


Nationality through Foundling

When a person is found in Ghana with no information about his or her parent, he or she is presumed to be a citizen by birth where the person is under 7 years.


 Nationality through Adoption

A person becomes a citizen of Ghana through adoption if he or she is less than 16 years and the adopted parents are Ghanaian citizens.

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Does Ghana allows Dual Citizenship? Yes. Dual citizenship is acceptable under the laws of Ghana. This indicates that a Ghanaian can be a citizen of any other country and still be citizen of Ghana. However, a person with a dual citizenship cannot hold certain public offices. He or she cannot be a Member of Parliament or Speaker of Parliament. The Supreme Court of Ghana has given reasons that people with dual nationality cannot hold public offices because of the issue of conflict of interest, national security, and state allegiance to Ghana and confidentiality.

The above are the categories to choose from.

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