How To Make Money Online In Ghana [7 Easy Steps]

Have you ever searched for how to make money online in Ghana?

Then this article is definitely for you because, at the end of this article, you will know all the different ways of making money in Ghana.

Whether you are a student or you want to make money online in addition to your job.

Many online jobs payments are received using mobile money services, and the company or service that you will work for will send the money to your mobile money account or to your bank account.

Everybody in this world likes money. Whether a child or an adult, everyone wants to get their hands on cash.

No one will reject money when handed to him or her, no matter the number of poverty-minded quotes they spew.

Although some people prefer to wish that a million dollars will fall in their lap from the sky without working for it, that will only happen if your father happens to be Dangote.

If your father is not Dangote, then the only way to make your own by working for it.

And there are so many ways to make money online in Ghana, and some of them even pay more than the usual payments we receive from our normal jobs.

Thanks to the advancement of technology over the last decades, employment has become easy.

However, some people have been able to master the internet to make money instead of looking for jobs.

There are several always through which a person can use the internet to make money in Ghana, yes! Ghana.

So if you want to know how to use your bundle to make money instead of watching videos every day and wasting them, please continue reading this article as we show you some of the ways through which you can also earn money online in Ghana.

How can I make money online? Is It Even Possible?

Yes, you can make money online, and there are several ways to make money online in Ghana.

Below are some of the proven ways when it comes to working online and getting paid.

How To Make Money Online In Ghana

1. Blogging

How to make money online in Ghana

Blogging is one of the ways through which people make money on the internet in Ghana.

If you like to talk about something or a particular thing you think will get to people, you can start a blog to write about that specific topic for people who relate with you.

You can also create a blog that is related to a profession or trade. It could even be about something that gets you excited.

For example, if I were to start a blog, it would be about cars, reading, real estate, or anything related to business.

This will make brands contact you for Direct Ads, which you will charge them and then display their banners on your website.

Blogging about what you find interest in will make the people who follow your blog love your content. And the more people that follow and view your blogs, the more money you make.

If you want to start by writing for others and getting paid, you can visit blogs and contact them, telling them you want to be one of their writers and get paid.

Google AdSense

Adsense is an online adverting program by google, and you can see them on websites and blogs that you visit.

Bloggers earn money depending on the number of times people visit the sites, with Adsense your earnings mostly increase when your visitors click on the ads that interests them.

adsense earnings

Adsense earnings from one of the biggest Tech blogs in Ghana

Once you have a steady flow of traffic on your site, you then sign up for AdSense, allowing Google to place ads on your site.


2. Affiliate Marketing

Another way of making money from blogging is through affiliate marketing, with affiliate marketing you sign up for brands that are selling things.

You then display their ads on your website, and anytime someone visits your website and make a purchase, you earn a commission.


3. YouTube

How to make money online in Ghana

The video-sharing platform is one of the most common places that most people try to make money.

Many people are YouTubers today, and some of these people have a large group of subscribers you follow and view their content.

All you have to do is create a channel on the site and then make videos about the kind of things you are passionate about, and you think that other people may also relate to it.

However, you will have to reach a certain number of subscribers and a set hour of views before you can monetize your channel to earn money from it.


4. Freelance Writing

How to make money online in Ghana

If you have the skill for writing like me, you could make money online through freelance writing.

There are magazines online, websites and brands that will pay you to create engaging content for them.


5. Social Media Platforms

How to make money online in Ghana

You can also make money on social media sites like Instagram by posting artifacts that you sell to your large number of followers.

You could also use sites like eBay or an e-commerce site to that effect. Using a website that already exists frees you from all the hustle you will have to go through in setting up yours.


6. Influencer

How to make money online in Ghana

Instagram and Twitter are also the best places where people make money from the content they post.

Like blogging, but with Instagram, you will have to choose a niche you are passionate about that will relate to other people and acquire many followers before using your account to make money.


7. Facebook Jobs

How to make money online in Ghana

Facebook Jobs is one of the best places to find an appointment online because that place allows people looking for workers to create Jobs.

The platform will then distribute it for people to see and apply for the jobs.

I got my first online job through Facebook Job. How did I do that?

I went to the Facebook Jobs tab and searched for a Content writer because I knew how to write articles.

And then lists of platforms and websites looking for writers popped up.

I went through the ones that I can meet their requirements and checked the payments, and when I was done auditing, I applied for the ones that I liked.

Within weeks I got employed on one of the biggest Tech blogs in Ghana, and I was getting paid monthly for the articles I was submitting.


If you think you have what it takes to draw a crown to your social media account, have some skills or knows how to write contents then you are someone who can make money online.

It is not going to be easy work like how easy you just read this article.

But if you can dedicate yourself to it and work hard, you would be earning online in no time. This will be to the extent that you could be living from the money you earn online.

And that is not a small amount of money. Be visiting us often as we will be releasing many ways to make money by working at home for free.

Many bloggers have made big money from the internet. Some of them are Ameyaw Debrah, Shepherd Yaw Morttey, Zionfelix, and many more.


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