How To Replace Lost Ghana Card

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Are you thinking of how you can replace your lost or missing Ghana card? this is very simple, follow the steps below.

The Ghana card registration which started in 2018 is still on-going due to importance in Ghana currently. Per public releases, the Ghana card is set to be a national ID that will be used for most activities in Ghana.

Reports gathered indicates that a lot of people didn’t go through the mass registration process nor received their cards when it started. This was due to the long queues which were available at the centres of registration. Many Ghanaians are yet to receive their Ghana card since 2018 of registration.

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The Ghana card also referred to as the ECOWAS identity card is set to replace all other national ID cards like the voter’s card, national health insurance card and travelling passport, also TIN number. For example, one can’t perform any activity in the bank without the Ghana card.

What is the main reason for the use of Ghana card?

The main reason behind the use of the Ghana card is to have information of people living in the country, for security purpose and also grant citizens the opportunity to use the card across Africa, as they are working on that too.

The government have put plans in place for the Ghana card to be the valid ID for activities such as applying for a bank account, passport, telephone number, driver’s license and others from July, 2022.

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How to replace your lost or missing Ghana card 

After a thorough research, we have put together a few easy steps to follow in in order to replace you lost or missing Ghana card. Here are the step;

1. The first thing to do is visit police station near you and make a report on your missing Ghana card.

2. The police will help you write a report which is important. Information gathered indicates that the police report doesn’t come for free.

3. Go with the police report to any of the following National Identification Authority (NIA) Offices; the district office where you did your Ghana card registration or the NIA head office in Accra.

3. You don’t need to present an affidavit or birth certificate.

4. Go on and book an online appointment on the NIA official website for person who wants to visit the head office for their card replacement.

5. When it comes to the head office, you have to book this appointment with NIA because that is how it works there. But with your district centre, you can visit without an appointment.

6. The Ghana card replacement incurs a fee of GH¢30.00 for the reprinting of a now one for you.

7. However, those who are yet to receive their Ghana card can visit their district centre to check if their card is available before the visit the head office. Note that you are supposed to go along with your application form.


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