I Am Ok With Going To Hell Since Majority Of Humans Will Be There-Elon Musk Bodly Declares (Watch)

Earlier yesterday, world richest man, Elon Musk got over millions of netizens reacting to a mysterious post he made which involved his death.

The post stated, “if I die under mysterious circumstances, it’s been nice knowin ya”. This attracted many on the internet to give him the needed attention including his own mother who stated that the post he made isn’t funny.

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Also, another verified twitter user commented by writing “You won’t die before your day Elon. Anyhow you are/were a unique figure in the world.”

“I’m only wondering one thing : As a genius, haven’t you find out that there is a great of this world yet?”

“If you did. Make sure you confess this before your last heart beat.”

Elon in return to reply the post indicated that he is ok with going to hell if that is his destination since majority of humans will be there too.


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