I Bought Him New Shoes And Necklace But He Never Got To Wear Them- Mother Of 9 Year Old Boy Accidentally Shot De@d On His Birthday

Mother of 9-year-old Micheal Darkoh who was accidentally shot on Monday at Awutu Berekum Durbar grounds during the performance of rituals has reavealed that her son was killed on his birthday.

Hannah Aidoo’s son, Micheal Darkoh kicked the bucket after he was hit by a stray bullet which was fired during the celebration of the Awutu Awubia festival.

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Meanwhile, Micheal wasn’t the only person who got hit by the bullet but two others also. Speaking to Adom News, she revealed had order a cake to be used for the birthday celebration when the unexpected happened.

The mother of the deceased seen in a bad state disclosed that her son has been deprived of getting what he demanded for on his birthday.

“Today is his birthday I got new shoes for him, but he will never wear them. He would have been nine today. He specifically asked me to buy him necklace which I did but that one too he can never wear it. She said narrating, I was having a conversation with one of the guys around when we heard a loud gun shot which made her brother run to tell her it’s her son that has been shot.

“I just started running towards the scene although I was being stop by some people only to get there to see my son lying on the floor with his hands in his pocket”.

Also it has been notified that the traditional chiefs are set to have a meeting to put a ban of firing shots. Suspect of the gun shot is reportedly with the police.


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