“I Feel Sad” – A GIS Applicant Who Was Disqualified For Having Stretch Marks Reveals (Video)

A female prospective applicant of the Ghana Immigration Service Recruitment 2021 has expressed her sadness after being disqualified for having stretch marks on her body.

Earlier, the Ghana Immigration Service had made it known in interviews that job seekers who do not meet the required heights, have body tattoos, multiple piercings, visible stretch marks and so on won’t be able to make it to the next stages of the recruitment process.

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However, the announcement by the GIS has brought some kind of debate on social media as people share their thoughts. A recent video spotted on TV3 Ghana facebook page shows a female prospective applicant who was interviewed after being disqualified during the screening stage.

In this interview, the lady made it clear that she was able to go through the documentation and height checking process but during her body selection, a female personnel told her she has been disqualified due to the stretch marks she had on her body.

She expressed how sad she was and when asked if she will reconsider applying next year 2022, she disclosed that since the stretch marks is her problem currently and without getting it off won’t get her into the service, she has no answer for now.

Watch the video below.


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