I Have Only Slept With 11 Women Since I Landed Here On Earth-Captain Smart Boldly Says He Is Not A Saint

Captain Smart on his media platform, Onua Fm sent a word of advice to those who are still busily talking about Akuffo Addo and Serwaa’s saga.

He said people should stop the hypocrisy since no man was born a saint.

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Talking from experience, he said he has exposed his nakedness to a handful of women hence there is no need to talk loudly about the President’s affair with Serwaa Broni.

From the horse’s own mouth came, “Let’s stop the hypocrisy. I am living with my third wife and I am not ashamed to say it because if you, as my wife, will not help me to progress in my work you will have to part ways with me.

That’s why I have told my wife to be supportive else she will have to pave way for another”, he added. He further mocked Yaa Broni and her cohorts who are making too much “unnecessary” noise on social media.


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