I helped Delay when my white husband was alive but she ‘slaved’ me when he died – Afia Schwar (Video)

Day in and day out, the beef between Deloris Frimpong Manso (Delay) and Afia Schwar get intense and heat. Afia Schwar has recorded another to tell Ghanaians how her friendship with Delay started and went bad.

Earlier, it was believed that Afia and Delay had a good friendship going on but currently, it has gone bad. The two personalities haven’t been in good terms for some years now and most people have described Delay’s new position at Wontumi to be reason for their current beef.

Several people have also stated that Afia Schwar was meant to be the one occupying Delay’s position at Wontumi Radio and this triggered their beef.

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In this new video recorded by Afia, she talked a lot out their friendship and how their good relationship has ended.

According to Afia Schwarzenegger, she met Delay on Top Radio with Quata, that was the firs time they ever met in 2004. At that point she accepted Delay as a friend even though they weren’t in the same class or level.

Then, she (Afia Schwarzenegger) was married to a white man and that they had their own beach house at Teshie. She also talked about how she fed and clothed Delay because she wasn’t paid much Top Radio at that time.

Afia Schwarzenegger said through her wealth she wa now to take Delay to the top, including convincing Prince McKay to add her to Presenters Guide on TV3, which led to her major deal with Oman Fm.

But at the point when her white husband died, Delay treated her badly and things started changing between them.

She lost everything after the death of her white husband and that was when Delay stepped in to help her but she ended up treating her like her house help.


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