I Want To Be An Actor In Future – “Our Day” Letter Boy Oswald Gennuh (Video)

A 9-year-old boy named Oswald blew the minds of Ghanaians and social media users with his “our day” request list to his mum. Since yesterday he has pulled alot of big brands in Ghana to give their different products and services to Oswald.

The pupil of Christ Ambassadors School in Ghana after putting up a good performance this term, decided to write a letter to his mum detailing what he needed for his “Our day” celebrations. Thus making his last day, getting into vacation a memorial one which he included a gift for his class teacher Mrs. Appiah.

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The motive with writing the letter was to make sure his mum does not forget his request this time around as she used to do. This letter was shown to a co-worker at his mummy’s workplace. And he got it captured and shared it onto his twitter page.

This received massive retweets from Ghanaians with few hours. This also drew the attention of Big Brands promising juicy offers and products. They made the “Our day” of Oswald and his mates in school never to be forgotten.

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They pulled up at the school premise yesterday 30th July, 2021 with all the packages promised in their tweets. They fulfilled their promise without failing him.

Also a gift of the latest iPad pro was gifted by Professor Jane Naana Opoku Agyeman to the 9-year-old.

Musicians like Kidi, Mr. Drew and Dope Nation passed through as well with some performances for the students. This of course got them singing their songs back to back.

In an Interview granted to little Oswald Gennuh yesterday, he revealed he would want to be an actor in future. And when asked why he wants to pursue such a career, he divulged is nice seeing people acting on television and he wants to try too.

Check this interview out below.


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