I Was In Jail In USA For Drug Trafficking- Popular Kumawood Actress Reveals

The likes of Kyeiwaa, Mercy Asiedu, Kala Kumasi and Akyere Bruwaa were often seen on our television screens along side veteran actress Naomi Kumiwaa Banafo starring in movies. But at a point in time she was no where to be found in the movie industry.

Years after her absence in her acting career, what had kept her away has been finally revealed by the Kumawood actress herself. In an interview section with Onua channel, she revealed during her stay in Ghana, she was contacted by some men about a movie shoot in USA.

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But as the journey took off with the guys, her arrival at the US airport turned into a sad experience as the lugguage she travelled with was filled with drugs which she knew nothing about. The guys she went with had also check out to wait for her at a distance when they found out she was arrested.

Full Story 

This was how she narrated the story when she was got hold of at the airport; “They had checked out and were waiting for me from a distance. I was totally ignorant of what was going on. And so I was taken to another room where my bag was searched.

My bag was ripped apart and a brown parcel was discovered. They ripped the parcel and discovered the content was drugs. I even questioned if that was truly my luggage because I was shocked,” she said.

Adding that “The bag was truly mine. I was asked if I was travelling alone and said I was with some gentlemen. I gave out their description but they had bolted already.”

The veteran actress told Oman Channel in an interview that she was finally found innocent after spending a year and two months in jail and was set free even though the prosecutor was pushing for a minimum jail term of five months for her.

“I was really affected. It was a very sad moment for my family and children. One of my children collapsed upon hearing the story and was admitted at the hospital. It was a bad experience because people in there were committing suicide on a regular basis,” Kumiwaa said.

Source: Pulse.com.gh


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