I Was Poisoned On A Movie Set In Ghana- Enock Darko(Watabombshell) of Talented Kids Fame Says In An Interview (Video)

Enock Darko was one of the participants of TV3’s talented kids and currently, he has turned out to be one of Ghana’s actors making waves in the Nigerian movie industry.

Although Enock Darko started his movie career in Ghana, the young actor has gained much grounds and popularity in Nigeria.

We do hear actors and actresses making narrations on how they nearly died as a result of food poison on movie set and Enock Darko has also come out as the next victim to talk about his.

The fast-rising star Enock Darko in a recent interview on Peace FM disclosed how he also got poisoned after a fellow actor suspended his role due to the amount of money he demanded.

He disclosed that he was brought on set to replace the experienced actor but because he was naive and desperate for a role, he took up the role for a lower amount of money only to get poisoned.


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