If I Die Under Mysterious Circumstances, It’s Been Nice Knowin Ya- Elon Musk Gets People Worried With His Message (Watch)

World richest man, Elon Musk is beginning to scare many with his penned down notice he left on Twitter.

The tweet of Elon read “ If I die a mysterious circumstances, it’s been nice knowin ya”.

Social media users also shared their view on the popped up notice.

To some, the reason for the wealthiest man scary message is because he has been receiving threat from Russia because of the help he granted the Ukrainians

A twitter user with a verified account with name Edip Yüksel under the post made by Elon Musk revealed ; “9 days ago I reminded Elon his death many criticized me for doing so . Today Elon wrote about his death”.

But, Elon lost any chance to die unmysteriously. Even if he dies at 114 his death will be considered mysterious”.

“So this mysterious death is not a matter of IF but WHEN”


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