If I had Confirmed To Be An Ewe, My Beatings Would Have Been Doubled- Caleb Kudah

Citi FM’s journalist Caleb Kudah was arrested on May 11 2021 for taking a video of some national security assets. After his release gave information on the horrific experience he faced in the hands of the national security operatives.

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According to the broadcast journalist, due to the video he made on the abandoned cars at the Ministry of National Security, he was assaulted physically indicating how he was slapped from behind even though he was pleading but still received slaps anytime he tried to make a complaint or a statement.

A video which has pop up with Caleb narrating how he was question on his age and ethnic group. But one of the security personnel indicated he belongs to the Ewe ethnic group. But to avoid double beatings, he did not confirm that and rather told them he is from Cape coast.

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However, some authorities have condemn Caleb’s act as wrong since he did the filming without seeking permission. Also, adding to the fact that, the premises is a security zone and a no go area for photographers. This caused the security operatives to react.

Watch video here:


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