“I’m still a virgin, I want to have children”-Popular Ghanaian Transgender Ohemartin

In an interview on “The Delay Show” Popular Ghanaian transgender Ohemartin revealed that she is still a Virgin and want to have children.

Ohemartin, known in real life as Martin Hughes has disclosed that despite her transformation she wants to have children.

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Speaking on the show, she claimed she  hardly have $exu@l thoughts because she is focused on her agenda.

This was her word during the interview with Delay.

“I don’t usually get sɛxʋal thoughts. I am a virgin and I’m serious about it. I want to have kids,” she said.

When asked about having her family, the 22-year-old revealed, “someday but not in the natural way. There are different ways of having kids. I can opt for surrogacy, get a surrogate mother if I want.”

Delay asked, “so when you go to the public restroom, do you use the female or the male washroom?” Responding, she said ” the ladies“.

Further in the interview, Ohemartin talked about her life as a transgender and disclosed she uses the ladies’ restroom.

She also talked about her religious belief (Christianity). Ohemartin disclosed that she goes to church regularly and doesn’t get bothered.

Watch the full interview here…..


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