Inform Sarkodie And Samini That Dumsor Is Back -Avram Moshe

Inform Sarkodie And Samini That Dumsor Is Back - Avram Moshe

Leader and founder of Common Sense Family(CSF), Avram Moshe, is one who likes reacting against the bible. In a live video on Facebook, Avram indicated some of the difficulties Ghana as a nation is going through. However, he emphasizes on the load shedding (Dumsor).

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The popular vociferous Ghanaian, in his speech, mentioned the name of Ghanaian rapper Sarkodie and cautioned that Dumsor is back. During the era of former President John Dramani Mahama, when he was attacked of “Dumsor”, the popular rapper released a track on the “Dumsor” saga.

The leader of the Common Sense Family has asked Sarkodie to come out with another track. Also, people should let him know that the crisis is still ongoing. He also mentioned the name of another Ghanaian musician who is the owner of the high-grade family, Samini, to do the same. Avram added, “Some celebrities only think of themselves and political gain when they become popular and meet up with politicians.”

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He stated how politicians came to him for help, but due to the love he has for the nation, he turned a deaf ear and that celebrities should learn certain qualities from Shatta Wale in terms of how he does his political campaign.

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