Instagram Model Mary Magdalene Unable Drink Through Straws Because of her Different Surgeries (Photos)

Model Mary Magdalene

Popular Instagram model who has undergo several plastic surgeries on her body finds it difficult to perform certain activities. Model Mary Magdalene has gone through different modifications just to look as she is currently.

Almost all the parts of her body has been altered from head to toe even with her v@gina. She has the fattest v@gina in the world. From her photos, you could see, Mary as big lips which means she did a plastic surgery on them too. As a result of that the model has disclosed that, due to the surgery on her lips, she isn’t able to even use the straw in sipping a drink or water.

Model Mary Magdalene has gone viral several times with her photos since her body looks different but the truth is that there is a negative side to all this. One of them is how she finds it difficult to drink through straw. And from the look of things, that might not be the only thing she can’t do with her lips or mouth.

Aside her plastic surgeries, Mary also has many tattoos covering almost every part of her body. Her lips are times two or three of the normal size as well as her b00bs and b@ckside.


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