Interesting Times: Watch A Man Chewing Raw Cassava With Coke (Video)

We thought we had seen it all until we spotted a man in a video chewing raw cassava with Coke. This has really shuttered my thoughts.

In this video, a young man is seen feasting on cassava in a public place.  It is no big deal eating cassava, the problem is how is the nature of the cassava being eaten. This guy ignored all available forms and decided to go in for the raw/uncooked cassava.

Looking at the picture below, you get to understand that he did the impossible.

The people in the market as well as the market women were looking at him in disbelief. But he kept on chewing it like it was nobody’s business. I guess he didn’t care about what was really going on at that moment.

This guy was really prepared to make history. He had a drink which is suspected to be coca cola with him too. Never had we envisioned the combination between coca cola and raw cassava. This guy ate the cassava with the coca cola and even made it look attractive.

I don’t know why he decided to do that. Is it because he was very hungry and couldn’t wait to see the cassava cooked? Is it because he just wanted to get the attention of people who were watching? I do not know why he did that but whatever made him do that is really powerful and needs to be looked at urgently.

Watch the video below;



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