Is Jackie Appiah a twin? See Photos Of Her Lookalike

There’s always a possibility that some people were born as twins. But certain factors get them separated which they have no idea of. Later on in life, they bump into each other some where by coincidence.

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Is Jackie Appiah a twin?

Many have raised concerns on whether Jackie Appiah is a twin or not.

She possibly can be referred to as a legend in the movie industry in Ghana. Because of her great passion for acting, she is one of the best actresses in Africa. And an entrepreneur as well.

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Jackie Appiah is not a twin. Like others, there is this lady called Ewurama who shares a perfect resemblance with her. This have got people with the perception that Jackie Appiah is a twin.

Ewurama and her lookalike celebrity Jackie Appiah met in 2019 at the iYes Ghana Summit. The photos they shared showed they really lookalike.

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Jackie Appiah’s personality has made her the most eye-grabbing celebrity in Ghana. The number of people who follow Jackie on social media is just mind-blowing. She has the biggest number of followers on Instagram with over 8.6 million followers. Her official page on Facebook has over 12 million followers.

See these photos of Ewurama, Lookalike of Jackie below.

Is Jackie Appiah a twin Is Jackie Appiah a twin Is Jackie Appiah a twin Is Jackie Appiah a twin


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