It Tastes Like Champagne- 53 Year Old Lady Who Has Been Taking In Her Own Urine For 4 Years Says In Video

A woman from Colorado in the US has shocked netizens with her story of how she has been drinking her own urine.

The 53 years old lady, Carrie revealed that this has become a habit and she has been doing it for 4 years .

Well , she gave a reason for the weird habit. According to her, she developed the weird habit as a self-chosen alternative to chemotherapy when she was diagnosed with melanoma cancer.

The 53-year-old who doesn’t intend on stopping the habit anytime soon said her urine tastes like champagne at times.

Speaking on TLC’s My Strange Addiction, she revealed that she doesn’t only drink the urine but uses it as paste and dabs it under her eyes and also pass through her hair.


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