Italian Footballer Sighted In A Video Effortlessly Speaking Twi With His Biological Parents In A Video Call (Video)

Italian footballer born to Ghanaian parents and spent his life in Italy and other part of Europe has shocked many with a video of himself speaking “twi”.

Ballotelli asked his biological parents in a live interview to speak in twi, one of Ghana’s local dialects while they engaged in a video call.

The footballer was with his younger brother live on TV when he phoned his Ghanaian parents.

The AC Monza forward was born to Ghanaian parents before adopted by the vastly wealthy Sylvia and Francesco Balotelli who came to the aid of Mario and his biological parents.

Mario took after his foster parents very kindly and took the last name Balotelli.

The former Manchester City star in a series of videos online has shown his admiration for the West African country and feels proud of his roots.


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