“It’s not pride, you just have to protect your heart and space” – Monalisa Stephen

Popular model and body positivity advocate, Monalisa Stephen has taken to her social media to share some words of advice to her fans and followers. She made the revelation about how she has managed to protect her heart and her body from men.

She shared some photos on Instagram with the message written on them saying, “it’s not pride when you don’t relate with everyone that comes your way and relate with only classy people who adds value to your life because it’s one way to protect your heart and have your own space because not everyone should have access to you that’s why they take you for granted.

You are a very special person and have your own unique qualities. Some people think that you are goods they can buy, but it’s just because they aren’t used to get to know you. You should be proud of yourself because you’re so different from everyone else.”

She disclosed that not everyone should have access to your body and to you.  According to Monalisa, she now regrets allowing some people have access to her now she has learnt her lessons and not everyone should have access to you, you need to have class so you won’t be taken for granted.



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