Jackie Appiah: Fans In Dubai Exhilarated After Meeting Her In A Restaurant Where They Work (Video)

Ghanaian actress Jackie Appiah who is probably in Dubai for holidays as usual got some fans exhilarated after meeting her in a restaurant where they work.

In a video spotted on an Instagram page, reveals the Ghallywood actress Jackie Appiah visited a restaurant to eat and one among the two waitresses who came to attend to her services, had a strong feeling she was the actress even though she had her mask on.

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She signaled her other colleague waitress who doubted it was actress Jackie Appiah and this brought up a fan ‘argument’ between the two. All the while, Jackie Appiah could be heard giggling in the video as she jokingly denied she was the one.

However, the waitress who believed she was the one talked about a movie she had watch which features the actress and actor Van Vicker and she went ahead to plead with the actress to take off her nose mask inorder to cast away the doubt she had mind.

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Finally, Jackie Appiah took it off, and this pulled the others working in the restaurant to come around and take photos with the gorgeous Ghanaian actress Jackie Appiah.

Watch the captivating moment in this video below.


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