JHS Headmaster Caught “Chopping” Student In His Office In Offinso (Video)

A video chanced on by Edemtrendsgh shows a JHS headteacher has been caught hiding a student in his office as it’s alleged he was sleeping with her.

This happened in Offinso and the student is said to be 15-year old girl. From the video, we could see him opening up the force as the police and people from the community gather to witness the situation. Lo and behold, upon opening the office the young girl was found inside wearing a white and black dotted straight dress.

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Per report or other witnesses, it seems this activity has been going on for long but finally they have gotten hold of him.

The Headmaster is likely to be hit with defilement looking at the age of the teen.

Watch the video of how it all happened and how they found the young girl in the head’s office.

Watch the video below;


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