Just In: PSG Announces Leo Messi As New Signing With Visuals

Social media was flooded with both sad and happy news concerning Messi’s departure from Barcelona to PSG. The official page of Barcelona confirmed the news to ensure people believe it.

The footballer himself in a press conference was spotted shedding tears when he was finally saying good bye to his team and fans. Earlier, the next move of the Argentine wasn’t known but now it’s no rumor that he is joining PSG.

Paris Saint Germain (PSG) have finally announced the greatest footballer of all time as is their new signing with the help of visuals they sent across.

Fans of PSG upon hearing the news were all ready and waiting to welcome Messi at the airport. Upon his arrival, he went up the building to wave the fan so outside. The supporters happy to meet up with Messi kept on chanting his name.

Currently, he hasn’t been taken to the hospital where he will undergone his medicals. Also, news about his jersey number is very conflicting as there are indications on two numbers thus 19 and 30. Well, we can only get the right answer to this during his unveiling.

Check out PSG announced Messi on their page; 



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