Kennedy Agyapong Cautions Captain Smart To Talk Well And Reveals Other Secret About Him

Kennedy Agyapong ‘Warns’ Captain Smart.

News went viral concerning the suspension of one of Ghana’s popular journalist at Angel Broadcasting Network, Captain Smart. His suspension was confirmed by his colleague journalist Kwadwo Dickson who also works at Angel Broadcasting Network.

It was revealed that, the suspension of the Fabewoso host, Captain Smart was suspended due to how he attacked and critised the president and some members working with the current government.

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Well, viewers and listeners of the Fabewoso program can testify how aggressive captain smart becomes when talking about issues of country. He also emphasizes on problems and hardship Ghana is facing but criticising the government is something they see as normal.

However, the decision he took landed him to what he wasn’t expecting. Many expressed their shock in how the owner of Angel Broadcasting Network went about  the issue. This encouraged Captain Smart to have his own television channel on Facebook so as to expose leaders with poor leadership.

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In the same way, talk about their unfulfilled promises. Just afew days the journalist was suspended, he has finally created a channel to go on with his work.

During one of his usual segment, he revealed how some people borrow money from the government but yet still they go on to take another. This has caused the MP of Assin North to react to what he said.

Kennedy Agyapong on his television channel cautioned Captain Smart to tàlk well. He also accused him of owning a debt of 10,000 Ghana cedis for an air condition he took from his shop. But he is here criticizing the  people who are also in debt.

Watch the full video here;


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