KiDi Allegedly “F!ng€red” For Sampling His “Touch It” Song From An Indian Man, Netizens React (Video)

Ghanaian singer KiDi has been allegedly accused for sampling his “Touch It” from an Indian artist, social media users react. The video which was posted by Ajeezay on his Instagram page described that the same song was released in the same year but different month.

There have been lots of reactions from social media users and it’s not going well on the singer. Ajeezay himself as we all know doesn’t music sampling from songs of other artists.

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It was surprising when today’s trend was different, thus trying to expose the fact that KiDi’s hit song “Touch It” was a sample song and that he isn’t the original owner of the song. KiDi’s “Touch It” song has really gone far to the extent of attracting a remix.

In the video posted by Ajeezay, the original “Touch It” song was released by an Indian artist in January 2021. On the other hand, KiDi sampled it and released his in May 2021. Many have been surprised by video making rounds on social media because the song has gotten to greater heights.

The video had chorus from both songs and interestingly, it’s the same, word for word. But one thing you can notice when you watch the video is that KiDi’s own has a great vibe and fast tempo as compared to the alleged Indian man.

There were people who were condemning what Ajeezay had done while others felt disappointed in the singer.

One commented said, “Kuame Eugene has been sampling or allegedly stealing songs. Others also defended KiDi, with the intention that, everything was false.

Watch video below……


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