Kuami Eugene Explains Why Sarkodie Is Not His Friend, Fans React

Lynx entertainment signee Rockstar, widely known in the entertainment cycle as Kuami Eugene for the second time has made it known to the public that, Ghana’s all time best rapper Sarkodie is not a friend of his.

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This was heard from the mouth of the highlife and afro beats singer in an interview he was asked what his biggest fear is. His reply to the question was mixing friendship with his job. The next question he was asked by the host of the program was based on why he claimed Sarkodie is not a friend of his. And he (host) felt this was a bold statement Kuami Eugene made.

Eugene gave a detailed explanation for his statement. He gave a scenario using the multimedia as an example, saying, it has many people but not everyone works there. Some are friends of the host of the program. Likewise when one goes to school, one cannot become friends with all.

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Furthurmore, he added that friends are those who will be there for you anytime. He sees those he is with in the industry as colleagues in the game. This is because Sarkodie would be seen posting his musics and other stuffs of himself.

Also the artist stated that, if a musician jumps on or feature another musician’s song, if that is called friendship then Sarkodie is a friend of his. However, this is sparking a lot of reactions on social media.

Check out some of the comments from fans below;


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