Lady Narrates How She Married A Man She Initially Hated So Much

Lady Narrates How She Married A Man She Initially Hated So Much

Social media has been one of the platform assisting to share their encounter or experience in life. Facebook user with the name Bimbo Grace Kalawole has narrated how she married a man she seriously hated at the initial stage.

She posted the story on her page to mark her 17th wedding anniversary of herself and the husband. In her post she asked whether one has ever found him or herself in a situation on embarrassing someone but you end up embarrassing yourself rather.
Now on the story. She added, So back in the days there was this man that came from God knows where to stay with her neighbor four blocks away from her apartment. This man she indicated always had the habit of blasting music in his car as if he is a DJ. And it was an attitude She(Bimbo Grace) saw as unnecessary show off.

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She then asked from a neighbor who that lousy person in the house came from. She was told, the man who happens now to be her husband became from Calabar.

Grace had a perception that, he might be nothing but a driver. Grace also stated how the guy asked from a neighbor who she (Grace) was. And he was told everything about her including how she don’t smile even with her own father. But yet still this man was able to become close to the her family to the extent of eating the food Grace prepared.

At a point in time, Grace’s dad complained to this man about how her daughter’s habit of not reading. Grace was being lectured by the man and had no choice since she knew her father would punish her anytime she misbehaves.
Grace made it clear in her post that she was able to pass her SSCE. This made this man (husband) a champion in the house. Also the hatred Grace had for the man increased and planned to get him embarrassed.

So one day while she was from her way to the house carrying a bucket of water, this man approached her splitting out how much he loves her. But got the insult of his life from her after which she walked away.

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Grace after seeing the man’s presence in the house, got afraid since the man might report her to her father. So she decided to go and have fun with him at a joint.

She told the man the food joint she wanted to go and her plan was to embarrass him there. She then ordered a lot of food from the eatery thinking that the man won’t be able to pay. But to her surprise, the man asked for double of what she had ordered.

Look below to see her post.


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