Lady Who Went Viral After Sharing A Video Hanging Out With Her ‘Mad’ Mum Shares A New Video Of Massive Transformation Of Her Mum

A few months ago, a lady went viral on social media after sharing a video of herself hanging out with her ‘mad’ mum.

She got internet users very emotional with the love she showed her mum despite her poor condition and also got praised for the clothes and foodstuffs she gave to her mum.

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Well, months after sharing that video, there is good news now as the same lady who got everyone emotional has brought smiles to our faces.

She shared a new TikTok video with her mum, and this time around, her mum has totally transformed.

The lady’s mum looked very Okay now, and unlike in the street where we saw her in a very poor condition, she appeared this time around beautifully dressed and in a room with her daughter whiles they had a great time together.

Watch the video below.


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