Life Is Short, If You Have The Body Flaunt It-Singer, SEFA Advises Fellow Ladies With Curvy Body (Video)

Black Avenue signee, Sefa on “Ekwansodwodwo” with Abeiku Santana sent a piece of advice to ladies with body form like her.

During the interview, the host of the show asked if she intentionally flaunts photos of her curvy body.

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Replying to the question that was served, she stated that you have to flaunt it once you know that you have it, after all life is short.

Meanwhile, Sefa recently replied to allegations that she had gone under the knife for the hundredth time to work on her figure.

Some people refuse to trust the Ghanaian singer when she says she hasn’t had her figure surgically altered.

People’s curiosity, according to the ‘E Choke’ hitmaker, is always the source of rumors.


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