Make You No Fool Yourself-Mr Logic Tells Kwadwo Sheldon Over Stonebwoy’s Views Saga

Make You No Fool Yourself-Mr Logic Tells Kwadwo Sheldon Over Stonebwoy's Views Saga

Popular entertainment pundit and artist Mr. Logic has expressed how shocked he is after news of Stonebwoy went viral about how he (Stonebwoy) bought views for his song titled “Blessing.”

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In his aggressive video on Facebook, he indicated how he felt ashamed after he saw some Ghanaian’s reaction, including Ghanaian bloggers tagging a whole artist like Stonebwoy as an India-view buyer. Bloggers like Kwadwo Sheldon were one of the few Ghanaian bloggers whose name was mentioned in the live video.

The entertainment pundit’s worry on the matter made him use words on Ghanaians who accused Stonebwoy of buying views. Instead of applauding the Afrobeat and Reggae/dancehall musician for his hard work, he is rather being trolled for getting more views from India.

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From the video, he sounded a warning to content creator Kwadwo Sheldon to desist from fooling. Especially when it comes to reaction towards an artist’s song. He was also found as one of the content creators who talked about Stonebwoy’s views.

He also directed concern about how Kwadwo Sheldon is deviating in his content creation. Mr Logic advised that he should sit up to create good content since he came to meet expectations in the game.


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