Man Of God Storms Bet Center To Preach The Gospel

Due to the high rate of unemployment in some parts of Africa, citizens have stick to staking bet. Whenever their preferred teams is playing football match, they stake behind them. They see this as a source of livelihood to them.

Others also bet behind teams they are not in support with but have the capabilities of scoring opponents. Bet stakers especially men or young boys are often seen at the centers taking a slip from the bet centers containing the list of teams they chose.

A pastor whose mind has been diverted to how the youth of this days engage themselves in sports betting or gambling decided to spread the word of God in one of the centers.

The pastor who wasn’t bothered whether he was being listened to by those there kept on preaching reminding them of how they must live a good life to glory God. At last, he had some who were responding “Amen” to the preaching.


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